Florida Medicare Supplements - The Only Guide You Will Need

Some Important Facts to Know You Buy a Supplement:

Once you initially sign up for a Florida Medicare Supplement you might not be able to change your plan – ever!
Yes, it is true! Once you select a Medicare supplement you might not be able to change it in the future – ever. Making changes will require you to answer medical questions. You could be denied, most likely rated up to a higher premium or can even have your medical condition excluded for a period of time. You must get it right the first time.

Making this mistake and paying more is not a one-time payment. You will always pay more for your supplement.

When you turn 65 you get one chance to buy a Medicare supplement without having to answer any health questions. It is called “guaranteed issue”. You cannot be denied regardless of your current health condition. Plus, the premium rates are the lowest they will ever be.

Understanding the rules and how to evaluate which plan will work best for you now and in the future is the key to getting the best value in a plan.
All companies sell the exact same Florida Medicare plans. The only real difference is the cost of the plan.
Most people are used to looking at the differences in features from one product to another. With Medicare supplements, this is not really possible.

The plans sold and the benefits offered are established by law. This means that an “F” plan from one company is exactly the same as an “F” plan from another company. There are no differences – none.

You might find that some companies do not sell all of the possible plans that Medicare permits. They might leave out a plan that would be more cost effective for your particular situation.

You also will find that the premiums of these completely identical plans differ from one company to the next. We talk to many people who are paying a lot higher premium than they needed to pay.

That never happens to our clients. You will always get the plan from the company with the lowest premium. Plus, they are always going to be A and A+ rated carriers.
You might pay thousands a year for plan benefits that you will never use and never really needed in the first place.
While most of the Medicare supplements share the same core benefits, some offer extra benefits. But these extras come at a price, and when you do the math they sometimes turn out to be more expensive than paying for the benefit directly.

The process of figuring out the optimum plan can be a bit daunting. I will admit that with the information the government provides it is not easy. But with a little help, everything becomes clear. You start to see exactly what the cost-benefit of one plan is over the other.

Once again, that is why you talk to us and let us explain how the plans work and what you get by moving up to a better plan or down a bit to a less expensive plan. How else can you make an informed decision?
If you apply for a Florida Medicare supplement at the wrong time, you might incur a lifelong penalty.
There are very strict rules about when you can or should apply for Medicare and supplements. The government agency (CMS) does not forgive mistakes.

This is especially true if you still have other coverage from employment, your spouse or a union plan.

The problems you face can be a delay of coverage leaving you exposed and without any insurance at all. You could receive a permanent penalty that would have you paying considerably more for the rest of your life. It can really add up.

You could even find yourself unable to obtain a Medicare supplement.

The advice you receive from us is free. Our job is help educate you so you can make an informed decision about what you are buying. There is no reason why you cannot understand your Medicare plan or supplement.

Some of you will want to read every article on this site. You will read all of the literature from Medicare and hopefully pick out the perfect Florida Medicare supplement. There is nothing wrong with becoming an educated consumer. But we do this every day and it does not cost a penny more to have professional advice than it does to give it your best guess.

We have explained Medicare benefits and supplements so many times we have it down to a science. Plus, I will let you in a little secret. I personally enjoy educating people about Medicare, health insurance and other financial matters. I get a lot of personal satisfaction when I see that light go on. When it all comes together and it suddenly becomes simple.

You can pick and choose from the articles below. But feel free to call us and we would be more than happy to help you, answer any questions you have and help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

Martin - "The Medicare Guy"

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